Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Clean Up Root Partition on Fedora

If you have the following problems:
  • Root partition / is using 100% of allocated disk space
  • Root partition / is close to using 100% of allocated disk space


$>  sudo yum install bleachbit
$>   su - -c "bleachbit"

Use bleachbit to clean up unwanted files.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Copy Video on iPhone without iTunes

If you are in need of copying a home video on to your iPhone and you have lost the computer which has the original iTunes sync, do not despair.

VLC app on ios is there for the rescue.

Official Documentation: https://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:IOS


  1. Temporarily turn off the lock feature of your iPhone. You can bring it back after the video upload.
  2. Download VLC player from the App Store. Ensure that the vendor is VideoLan.
  3. Ensure your iphone and computer are connected to the same WIFI.
  4. Open VLC app.
  5. On the top left hand corner, is the hat symbol. Click on hat.
  6. Go to Wiki Upload. Enable the server.  Note down the IP address it provides.
  7. Go to your browser and type in the IP address:  something starting with http:
  8. You will see Fig 1
  9. Click upload files button and choose the video file.
  10. Once the file is uploaded, enjoy the home video. Remember VLC can play many formats : mp3, mp4, m4u etc.
  11. Remember to turn back the locking feature on your iphone.
  12. Fig1: Browser Interface

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tips for FitBit

Picked up from http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=2471667

Reset your FitBit:

Dock it, turn the dock over, and hit the button underneath with a pen or paperclip. The FitBit will reboot, displaying the current firmware version and the battery level, then will continue charging. This will not delete any of the tracker data.

Completely erase all information on your FitBit:

1. Put the fitbit on the base station
2. Look under base station and you'll see a tiny hole. That's the reset button that you can push with a small pen or paperclip.
3. Press and hold the button on the Fitbit itself and press the reset button
4. Keep the button on the Fitbit pressed for 6 seconds.
5. Take the Fitbit off the base station
6. Press the button on the Fitbit
7. It should say "Testing" and then "Pass"
8. Press and hold the button until it says "Erase"

Power Off Your FitBit:

Unplug the dock. Dock the FitBit on the unplugged dock, then press the reset button on the bottom.