Thursday, November 30, 2006

Single Sign On or Federared Identity with JBoss

Enterprises have a growing need for Single Sign On and Federated SSO as need for integration within the enterprise as well as within a circle of trust with partners/customers is on the rise. The days are gone when you would just program for a select set of users. Today, you have to be open for the global world (that includes spammers and hackers too).

JBoss Federated SSO Framework is a decent beginning in this regard to provide some level of integration at the tomcat/JBoss level. The first beta version of v1.0.0 was released a few days back and has been well received.
JBoss Federated SSO at Berlin

You can check out the decent demo, download the beta version, use the Cheat-Sheet provided to run the demos and if needed, integrate the framework into your own applications.

Check out the beta version if you are interested in doing SSO with JBoss SEAM based applications.

Well, before you go, there is another issue that I think is relevant to the tech world in the US.
Click Here to know what the issue is
This is just an issue that I support.


Reviews of my sessions at JBoss World Berlin:
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JBoss Federated SSO Framework - Anil Saldhana and Sohil Shah
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Now if you want to play with the two seam based demos, look at this cheat sheet:
Cheat Sheet

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