Monday, May 12, 2008

NoroVirus at Java One 2008

Please tell me that this story is not true. I am hearing reports of attendees falling sick at the Java One Conference in Moscone Center. Apparently, Norovirus is the culprit.

Some references are mentioned here.

Another reference is

This morning, I found out what was wrong. I got one of those delightful ALL CAPS emails from JavaOne informing me that we had all been the subject of a viral attack by the dreaded Norovirus. So that was it!

Seriously, Java One is quite boring if you just attend the conference. What you should look forward to is meeting your colleagues (from different parts of the world), meet your competitors, share tips from the landscape and make social/professional contacts. For that matter, any conference is boring if you do not take into effect the "Human" factor.

I hope the Virus outbreak will not dampen the spirits of frequent Java One attendees.

refers to potentially serious happenings at the Moscone....

Mark Little talks about the virus outbreak in his blog post.

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