Sunday, July 17, 2005

Kent Spillner in Bangalore

Kent Spillner is a good friend of mine from Chicago. He is as old as my younger brother. He has helped me in moving furniture to my place from IKEA, Harlem Furniture etc.

He is now in Bangalore, getting trained at Thoughtworks. He was reading a lot of travel books before he went to India. I have asked him to find a nice Indian girl and get hooked when he comes back to the US.

He has told me over AIM that he likes Bangalore. I personally liked Old Bangalore, that was laidback and it was lot more fun + less crowded.

Who wants to see traffic jams on Sunday at 11am? Hey, it was just after 'Mahabharat' on TV. Kent is enjoying Bangalore. Eating all the yummy dosas, chats and the hustle/bustle of big city.

Kent, your 'firangi' story of drycleaning and underwears is hilarious.

For others, here is Kent's blog address:
Ken's Bangalore Blog

And his usual rants:

Now, Kent being in Guzzlers Paradise, I suggest that you retain the habit you will learn at Bangalore, when you are back in Chicago. I am counting on you for a decent New Year Binge. We need to celebrate with Prashanth (my other buddy)